Diseases - Humankind has ben plagued by diseases for centuries. There have been many diseases that have come and destroyed millions of people. The most recent being Ebola and AIDS. Always take precautions and do not put yourself in a position where you can contract them.

Viruses - There are many viruses that people contract. Some of them are fought off by the immune system while some may cause you to get ill. There are millions of viruses around, and you must always contact a doctor should you feel something not right with your health.

Allergies - People's bodies are different and therefore, they react to different food in different ways. Due to this, some food products can cause food poisoning to some while others may be alright. However, food poisoning can also happen if the food itself is not fresh or contaminated.


As we engage in our daily activities, we are exposed to organisms which can be swallowed, inhaled and also can affect our skin and mucous membranes. The organism will cause disease or not cause either depending on the on the integrity of your body immune system or defense mechanisms. If you have a good immune system, you may not even notice it. However, if you have a poor immune system, you will be at risk of developing health conditions and infections.

To avoid getting infected by infections, it is important you consider practicing habits that will boost your immune system. In this article, we help you understand some of these habits you can practice helping you boost your immune system.

Use Friendly Fats

fatSome fats are crucial for cell building and also for the production of prostaglandins. These are compounds like hormones that assist in regulating the way your immune system responds to infection. The body makes white blood cells which are responsible for combating body invaders. For this reason, you need to choose the best fats that are good for the body. It is advisable you considered unsaturated vegetable fats rather than saturated ones.

Avoid Too Much Sugar

Taking too much sugar will impair the ability of white blood cells to kill or deactivate bacteria. Instead of taking too much sugar, you can consider taking natural sweeteners like stevia in enhancing your immune system. Similarly, you can consider calorie-free options like aspartame. Generally, try avoiding too much sugar in your daily intakes.

Consider Eating Oily Fish

To improve your immune system, you can also consider eating oil fishy like herring and sardines. They will help in the building of cells that are responsible for immune system boosting. Similarly taking amino acids and omega three will help in regulation of the functioning of the immune system. Omega 3 plays a role in suppressing cancer cells from growing. On the other hand, omega 3 helps in activating parts of the immune system to fight disease-causing germs.

Consider Exercising Regularly

exercise2When you exercise regularly, your body immune system will produce more blood cells as a response to the exercises that you engage in. Therefore, if you exercise regularly, you will have long-lasting changes. Research has indicated that people who exercise more often experience fewer colds than those who don’t exercise.

Get Enough Sleep

When you sleep enough, you will be doing your body justice. Ensure you moderate your working hours and sleeping hours. When you work out, the germ-fighting cells are less produced hence exposing you to infections. Therefore, ensure you get recovery time and days after you have done your training sessions. This will help you in preserving the health of your immune system.

Among the things that are most embarrassing to a woman is a loose vagina. The feeling of it just makes her want to creep under a rock and hide her face. Even though her mate will not show signs of dissatisfaction, her instincts will let her know that there is something she has to do about it. Though it is not something to be scared of, most women can not help but harbor such feelings deep within them. At the same time, other women are looking for solutions to this problem so that they get back their confidence. We care about women which is why we are about to unleash some effective solutions to this age-old problem.

Clinically tested and proven creams

ghdghdd64One of the commonest solutions that women turn to these days is the vaginal tightening cream. You may want to do plenty of research about these creams before you can make your purchase. This is the only way to ensure that everything is okay and that you are not putting yourself at risk.

Among your areas of research should be the ingredients used in their manufacture. Ingredients happen to be among the most crucial part of every product. They make up a huge percentage of what is believed to be a medicine of some sort.

All the more reason to deepen your research and ensure that you have gathered the right information.

Get a physician’s professional opinion

You can not afford to rely on your own understanding as there are some risks you could be exposing yourself to. To avoid these risks, get a gynecologist’s honest opinion on all this.

Only then will you be free to grab what is made available to you. Your reproductive health as a woman should not be compromised for any reason. Instead, you should make it a habit to think before you act.

Other solutions

Aside from artificial solutions, there are other natural solutions to harness that vaginal tightening you have been craving for. Take kegels, for instance. They have discovered not too long ago and are on the fore front in the battle against loose vaginas.

Though you might not be a fan of this, it is a guarantee that you will get your act back together within a short period of time. Most ladies do not like it because it involves sitting in an awkward position for a stipulated period of time. This is to say that anyone who wants to engage in this must exercise the highest level of patience.

The diet of which you partake daily is a hefty contributor towards the tightness or looseness of your vagina.
This means that you should make it a habit to start eating only healthy foods. This is the start of a totally different era called tightness.


Maintaining vaginal tightness

Most women make the blunder of neglecting their vaginas once they become tight again. This should not be the case. They should be on their toes now more than ever.

What is common cold?

The common cold is a contagious viral infection that infects upper respiratory tract. Over two hundred viruses are known to cause this disease- this is the reason people catch a common cold over & over again.

How the virus is transited

A virus known as rhinovirus finds its way into the cells lining the nose and begins to reproduce. It comes from other people- cold weather is not the cause of cold. However, the fact that cold weather conditions make people congregate together in an enclosed place makes transmission of the virus much easier. The virus moves from one person’s hands to your hands (through an intermediary surface such as a doorknob or directly) & from your hands right to your eyes or nose.

Your body will react to the presence of this virus with its immune system. The immune system will open up blood vessels via inflation and also increase the secretion of mucus. These processes will give you the stuffy feeling and the running nose. The irritation brought about by the virus & all of the fluid makes you sneeze.

If the virus happens to make it to cells lining your lungs, they will start to produce mucus that eventually leads to coughing.
As your immune system gears up over a number of days & fights the virus, mucus thickens and eventually changes color with dead cells. Finally, your immune system gets rid of the virus completely.

Although the common cold can be caused by more than a hundred viruses, the most common culprit is the rhinovirus, and it is highly contagious.

The virus can enter your body through your eyes, nose or mouth. This virus also spreads through droplets in the air when a sick person talks, sneezes or coughs. It can also spread through sharing of contaminated objects like towels, utensils, telephone or toys. If you touch your nose, mouth or eyes, after such an exposure or contact, you are likely to catch a cold.

Another deadly virus that causes common cold includes:


Although there are several varieties of this virus that can affect animals, only 5 of them infect humans. After the deadly rhinoviruses, this group is the second leading cause of common cold. It is estimated that this group causes about ten to fifteen percent of colds.

Adenoviruses, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and Human Parainfluenza Viruses (HPIVs)

j65h43wThis category of viruses normally causes mild infection especially in adults; however they may cause severe lower respiratory tract infection in the elderly, small children as well as in individuals with immune systems that are weak.

Asthmatic children, premature babies and those suffering from heart or lung diseases are at a greater risk of suffering from pneumonia or bronchitis-related complications.

In summary, the leading cause of cold is rhinovirus. The virus is spread through direct contact or intermediary objects. The virus enters the body through the eye, mouth or the nose. In most cases, your immune system is able to fight off the virus and eliminate it from the body.

Illness is one of the worst ways the human population is lessened. Thousands of people die each year as a result of several unstoppable diseases.


Throughout the history of human beings, man has suffered a lot from illnesses. Below is a list of the worst illnesses in the world.


The Worst illnesses of all time


This disease has killed over 25million people since 1981. It is a collection of infections and symptoms that result from a critical damage to the immune system. The HIV causes the disease, in the later stages of this disease; one is left susceptible to opportunistic diseases and tumours. There is currently no cure for this disease.


This disease is currently raging the West Africa at an alarming rate. This haemorrhagic fever is very severe and fatal to human beings. It is transmitted from wild animals to people then from human to human. Signs and symptoms start to show up typically between 2 days and three weeks after one has contracted the disease. Symptomps include a sore throat, fever, headaches and mascular pain. Rash diarrhoea and vomiting then follow. The virus can spread by direct contact with the body fluids.

-The black death

It is one of the most deadly pandemics in the history of human beings. It is believed to have originated from the plains in central Asia. According to various sources, the contemporary accounts of this plague are impressive and varied. However, there is a common symptom, the appearance of the Gav ACI LOS or the buboes in the groin, armpits or the neck, these areas oozed pus and also bled when they were opened.


This illness is a contagious disease that is unique to human beings. It is caused by either of two viruses, that is, the variola minor or the variola major. The minor virus causes a mild form of the disease and hardly kills its victims. Characteristic skin scars are usually the long term effects for the survivors of this disease. Other rare side effects include blindness and infertility. Up to date, this disease has been eradicated from nature.

yj65h4g3a-Bubonic plague

Is mainly a disease of fleas and rodents. Infection usually occurs when one is bitten by a flea or an infected rodent. Most severe outbreaks of the plague are often started when another disease outbreaks among the rodents or the number of rodents increase.

There are a number of the worst illnesses in the world. However, these feature among the top and have proved to be deadly enough to take out millions of people within a short time. in most cases, cure is not an option making it even harder to tackle these diseases.